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Benefits of a Bilingual Answering Service:

A Bilingual Virtual Receptionist is important to your business as they help improve your customer service and help you capitalize on growing markets.

The main benefit is that your clients will experience the best customer service, whether that service be in English or Spanish. 

At Easybee we take care of hiring and training native speakers. These Spanish speakers know the correct terminology used in your industry in order to maintain fluid communication with your current and potential clients.

Benefits of Hiring a Bilingual Answering Service.

Your market has probably never been as diverse as it is now. This is why, as a business owner one must adapt to capitalize on new opportunities. It is also important to always be pursuing a more profitable business. While many businesses think providing customer service in English is sufficient, others are seizing the growing bilingual market because they know the facts. 


Spanish is the native language of 13% of United States residents (39.1 Million people).

California, Texas, and Florida make up 55% of the Hispanic Population in the United States

It is estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau that by 2050, the United States will have 138 Million Spanish speakers.

Spanish is the 2nd Most Spoken Language in the U.S. (after English)


of US Residents are native Spanish speakers (39.1 Million people).


of the Hispanic Population in the United States is located in California, Texas and Florida.

By 2050, The US Census Bureau predicts that the United States will have 138 Million Spanish speakers.

After English, Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the U.S. 

Integrating Spanish Customer Service through your Virtual Receptionist Service

Whether you know Spanish or you don’t, integrating Spanish in your customer service has never been easier. By hiring a Virtual Receptionist Service with bilingual capabilities, you can ensure that all your calls will be answered promptly, professionally, and will be processed regardless if your callers are English or Spanish speakers. 

The costs associated with hiring bilingual employees can be steep. But by having a Virtual Receptionist service your overhead costs will be lower than hiring bilingual full-time employees.

Integrating multilingual support through a Bilingual Answering Service will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth:

Offering Bilingual support means that you can tap into new markets, both in the United States and Internationally.

Improve the bottom line

Improve the bottom line:

Not only is an Answering Service cost effective, but it also allows you to grow faster. As your revenues increase, your bottom line will improve.

Profit Increase

Profit Increase:

By tapping into Bilingual markets, you will reach niche markets where the competition is low and therefore allow you to increase profitability. 

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Word of Mouth:

Not every business offers bilingual support. Spanish speaking customers will be more likely to recommend your business to their friends.

Avoid the language barrier

Avoid the language barrier:

 A language barrier can easily develop into a negative customer interaction which can in turn, hurt your business. Having fluent bilingual operators ensure that all your clients are treated professionally and warmly, regardless of what language they speak.

A Bilingual Virtual Receptionist is important for your business as it helps improve your customer service and capitalize on growing markets. Taking the help of a bilingual business virtual receptionist service can improve customer experience. By using this service you can improve your brand’s reputation, capitalize on existing client opportunities,  and increase profits. 

If you are looking for a Bilingual Virtual Receptionist for your small business then, consider Easybee’s Bilingual Virtual Answering Services. Easybee’s Bilingual Virtual Receptionist will manage all the important calls and give your clients the highest quality service they deserve. Want to know more about Easybee?

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You gain added value when your clients know that you have a Bilingual Answering Service.

Customer care

Having a Bilingual Answering Service will create grateful clients who appreciate your language inclusivity. You reduce communication and sales barriers.

This is the reality: You never know if you are missing out on potential customers because they cannot communicate with you in English.

Increase call resolution:

With a Bilingual Answering Service, your business can earn people’s trust and your business will be recommended easily.


With a Bilingual Answering service, translating incoming calls will be in the past.

Remember these 3 things to grow your business:

  • A Bilingual Answering Service helps you reduce costs without affecting your customer service quality.
  • Your clients will always prefer to talk to a real person. A machine will decrease your % of new customers.
  • You need time to work on your most important responsibilities, and this extra time can be provided by a Bilingual Answering Service.

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Not all call centers or in-house staff agencies provide the English-Spanish translation and if they do, sometimes a generic script is carried out, which makes communication with your clients impersonal and monotonous.

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