Benefits of Hiring a Bilingual Answering Service.

Your market has probably never been as diverse as it is now. It is imperative that, as a business owner, you adapt to these changes to be able to capitalize on new opportunities and stay strong in the pursuit of a more profitable business. While many businesses think providing English customer service is sufficient, others are seizing the growing market because they know the facts. Let’s look at them:


Spanish is the native language of 13% of United States residents (39.1 Million people).

California, Texas, and Florida make up 55% of the Hispanic Population in the United States

It is estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau that by 2050, the United States will have 138 Million Spanish speakers.

Spanish is the 2nd Most Spoken Language in the U.S. (after English).

Integrating Spanish Customer Service through your Virtual Receptionist Service.

Whether you know Spanish or you don’t, integrating Spanish in your customer service has never been easier. By hiring a virtual receptionist service with bilingual capabilities, you can ensure that all your calls will be answered promptly, professionally, and will be processed regardless if your callers are English or Spanish speakers

The costs associated with hiring bilingual employees can be steep. But just how a virtual receptionist service is a cost effective solution to cutting overhead by reducing your employee count, a bilingual virtual receptionist service is a phenomenal alternative to hiring a bilingual employee.

Integrating multilingual support through a bilingual answering service will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Growing your Revenue: Offering bilingual support means that you can tap into new markets, both in the United States and Internationally.

  2. Increasing Profits: Not only does increasing your revenue will increase your profits but also by tapping into bilingual markets, you are tapping into niche markets where there is not as much competition and you can increase your margins.

  3. Lowering your bottom line: Not only is an answering service cost effective, but it also allows you to scale up better. As your revenues increase, your bottom line remains the same, translating into more profits.

  4. Exploiting referrals: Not every business offers bilingual support. Your clients know this, and they know how hard it is to find a company that does. Whenever they do they communicate with their friends who will likely be in the same situation.

  5. Avoid language barriers: A language barrier can easily develop into a negative customer interaction which, in turn, can hurt your business. Having fluent bilingual operators ensure that all your clients are treated professionally and warmly, regardless of what language they speak.

For your business, a bilingual virtual receptionist is important as it helps improve your customer service and capitalize on growing markets. Taking the help of a bilingual business virtual receptionist can improve customer experience better than the previous one, increasing your brand’s reputation, and capitalizing on existing client opportunities followed by an increase in profits of the business.  

If you are looking for a bilingual virtual receptionist for your small business then, consider Easybee’s bilingual virtual answering services. Easybee’s bilingual virtual receptionist will manage all the important calls and offer clients with best-quality service they need. Want to know more about how to develop your brand with Easybee?

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